Six unique experiences in Montenegro

We are excited to share with you six unique experiences perfect for your next visit to Montenegro:,  


The Most Romantic Places in Montenegro

Montenegro is a perfect romantic destination for exploring as a couple. If you enjoy restaurants at unique locations or cozy cafe corners, love discovering historical and cultural landmarks, or perhaps exploring untouched wild nature - you will fall in love with these unique places during your visit to Montenegro as a couple., For the more 'nerdy' type of fun, there are unbelievable galleries, museums, and historical landmarks, testaments of the turbulent ancient past of this small country


Horseback Riding and Vacation in Montenegro

Nothing can compare with a vacation which includes relaxing horseback riding. For ages, horses were part of the everyday life of people in the northern region of Montenegro., Numerous bungalows testify to the existence of cattle breeding and breeding of these noble animals. Horses were mostly used for collecting wood, transporting grain and salt from the city, hauling it, and of course, horseback riding. Nowadays, the combination of accommodation in one of many eco-villages


Best Summer Festivals in Montenegro

Montenegro is not only a fantastic vacation destination, but it is also a place with a cultural, historical, and artistic heritage dating back centuries. Learning about the local customs of this small Balkan country is the best way to appreciate Montenegrin culture. Join one of the many festival cel


Romantic Njivice and Lookout Zvinje

Seaside village Njivice, almost facing Herceg Novi's city port, is a modern hotel village immersed in the Mediterranean growth trend, located only a couple of kilometers away from Igalo and the city center.,



Visit Montenegro's beautiful coast


Visit Montenegro's Podgorica, Lovcen and Lake Skadar region


Visit Montenegro's beautiful mountanous region